Health Benefit of curd

Health Benefits of Curd

All around the world, everyone loves to eat curd. Curd has many names like yogurt, dahi, curd, and so on. It is not only dairy products to eat or drink but there are many benefits associated with it. So, here we share some Health Benefits of Curd.

However, Curd is helpful in weight loss and as well as in building muscles. This is also beneficial for the skin and hair. Curd is easily digested and has a good amount of protein, low fat and contains digestive bacteria which is helpful in improving our metabolism and making our guts healthy. Today, curd comes with different flavors like banana, vanilla, honey, mango, strawberry, and blueberry, and so on. we mentioned below the all information and health benefits of curd.


Curd is made by fermentation. This process takes place by putting bacteria into the milk. The bacteria make the milk to thicken and it becomes sour. It also helps in keeping the nutrients in the milk last longer.

In addition, the nutritional value present in curd is beneficial in many different ways.  Curds help in digestion and as well as in strengthening the bones and teeth.  If you consume curd daily then it reduces cholesterol level and high blood pressure in the body. It also increases the immunes system in our bodies.

Nutritional Value of curd

100 grams of curd contains:

  • Around 98 calories
  • Approximately 3.4 grams of carbohydrate
  • Around 4.3 grams  of fat
  • 11 grams of protein
  • 364 mg of sodium
  • 104 mg of potassium
  • Curd also contains calcium, magnesium, Vitamin A, D, and B-12.

Uses of curd

Curd is used in many different ways as it is versatile. It can be used for direct consumption and can include in many different dishes. Curd can be used to prepare different types of sweets. Curd is also used as refreshment. You can add either sugar or salt in the drink depending upon your taste.

Types of curds

1.Low fat or non-fat

This is made with only 2% of milk. Non-fat yogurt is made with skim milk or zero percent milk. 


This type of curd is in liquid form which is used for drinking. Kefir contains probiotics. You can make it at home by kefir grains in the milk and leave it for 12 to 24 hours.

3.Greek yogurt

This type of curd is normally creamy and thick. It is heat resistant. It is mostly used in Mediterranean cooking style. Greek yogurt is made by straining the regular yogurt and the liquid whey is removed.  It contains more protein. It is available in full fat, zero percent, low fat, non-fat, and as well as in reduced.


Skyr is normally pronounced as “skeer”. It is Icelandic yogurt. It is normally dense, high in protein, and creamy. We need four times the amount of milk to make this yogurt. The latter contains 2 to 3 times more protein level. 

5.Frozen yogurt

Frozen yogurt is similar to ice-cream. This frozen yogurt does contain more sugar as regular ice cream or it can also contain the same amount of sugar depending upon the manufacturing process.

6.Non-dairy yogurt

Non-dairy yogurt is normally soy yogurt or coconut milk yogurt.

Beauty Benefits of curd  

Remove Tan

To begin with, the curd is very important in removing tanning. Due to sun exposure, one can get tanned which leads to uneven and unhealthy skin tone. It is very difficult to remove tan in just one flow.

Therefore, you can make curd paste daily with will help you to bring back your normal complexion.  You just need to mix gram flour, curd, and lime juice together and apply on the tanned skin. You can wash it with water after 15 to 20 minutes.  

Give you glow

Further, curd can give glow t your skin. It is like magic to your skin. You just need curd, masoor dal and dried peel of an orange. You need to put all of them in a mixer and grind them together. After that, you can apply a little honey on it. Then apply to your face. Wash after 15 to 20 minutes when the pack dry.

Reduce Scars

Moreover, the curd is helpful in reducing scars in the skin. If you have an acne scar or insect has bitten you and left mark on your skin then take some curd to dilute it with water and then apply it to the affected area. This will help to reduce the scars. You need to apply it daily. Curd contains zinc which helps in lightening blemishes.

Reduce hair fall

Furthermore, curd helps in reducing hair fall. If you are suffering from hair fall then no need to worry as you can make homemade remedies to solve the problem. It is easy and simple to make. You need to take curd, put some fenugreek seed, and make a paste. Apply on the scalp daily. Leave it for at least 45 minutes after that you can wash your hair.

Make hair Silky

In order, to make your hair looks silky you just need to make a paste of curd, eggs, lemon juice, and honey. Apply the paste on your hair. This will help to nourish your hair. An egg is rich in protein. This will nourish and provide protein to your hair.  You can wash your hair in about 30 minutes after the paste dry.

Remove dandruff

The last but not the least, the curd is the best solution to use to fight dandruff. It contains anti-fungal property and this helps in the removal of dandruff. You need to take some amount of curd and mix it with henna (Mehendi) and apply in on your scalp. Wash it after one hour. This will not only remove dandruff but also will make your hair look shiny and soft.

Health Benefits of curd  

1. Make teeth and bones stronger

Curd is rich in calcium and phosphorous. This makes the teeth and bones stronger. It also prevents arthritis to occur. It helps in the contribution of making healthy teeth and bones.  Therefore, it is advisable to consume curd daily after your meal.

2. Improve immunity

Curd plays an important role in improving our immune system. It contains probiotic. Probiotic foods contain live micro-organisms that are favorable for our bodies. Probiotic helps the count of infection and fighting the white blood cells. The latter helps in improving the immune system in the body.  It is best to consume curd which contains ‘live active culture’. All the curds in the market are non-probiotic.  

3. Use to get fair skin and shiny hair

We can use curd to improve our beauty and get fair skin and shiny hair. You need to mix curd, gram flour, and lime juice. Then apply the mixture on your skin or hair. You can wash your face after 20 minutes with lukewarm water.  This will make you look fairer as yogurt acts as bleach.

4. Improve digestion

Curd is very good at improving digestion. Probiotics present in curd helps in the proper functioning of our digestive system. People who are lactose intolerant can consume curd because the lactose has been broken down while fermentation. Overall, we can say that yogurt is easily digested.

5. Help to lose weight

Due to hormonal imbalance fat is accumulated around the waistline. This is called cortisol and faulty lifestyle. Curd contains calcium which helps in producing fewer amounts of cortisol in our body and thus helping in losing weight. It also helps in decreasing calories in the belly thus making belly flat.

6. Helps control blood sugar level

Live culture present in curd help in controlling blood sugar level in our body. Consuming Greek yogurt help in reducing the risk of having heart disease and controlling blood sugar in people suffering from diabetes. It is important to not consume sweetened and flavored yogurt as this will increase your blood sugar level. 

7. Aid as an energy food

Yogurt is best to use as an energy food. The vitamins and minerals present in curd make it act as an energy booster. It also helps as an antioxidant by helping to recover faster after an intense workout. One can consume it as pre-workout food. 

Side-Effects & Allergies of curd

However, Curd has both beneficial and as well as side effects. Curds are beneficial for health but the latter must be used in a balance. Daily consumption of curd leads to obesity. Any time you are consuming curd one must be very careful as we cannot over-consume it. In some people, curd can lead to constipation. As well as, If someone over intake curd then the person can suffer from side effects. Those suffering from arthritis must not eat curd daily as this will increase their joint pain.

Tips for making yogurt healthier:

  • Take plain yogurt without sugar and add fresh fruits, honey, or maple syrup in it.
  • One must not consume pre-made fruit and yogurt desserts because these contain lots of sugar.
  • Better to use Greek yogurt rather than sour cream when using as topping for potatoes.
  • Better use yogurt for baking rather than butter or oil.
  • A healthy yogurt contains more protein rather than sugar.


  • Yogurt is made by milk fermentation.
  • Curd is beneficial for making strong bones and helps indigestion.
  • Moreover, it contains many nutritional values such as calcium, vitamin B6, B12, potassium, magnesium, and also riboflavin.
  • It contains probiotics bacteria that help in having healthy intestines.

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