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  • Rapid Energy Source
  • Beneficial in Ketogenic Diet
  • Fuels Athletic Performance
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Simplify Weight Management With IN2 MCT Oil

  • Get pure caprylic and capric acid derived from coconut oil with IN2 MCT Oil. 
  • This is ideal for a keto-diet as the medium-chain triglycerides are converted into ketones more effectively.
  • IN2 MCT Oil is digested easily and produces energy rapidly to support athletic training.
  • Medium-chain triglycerides are effective in boosting metabolism and hence improve the conversion of fat to energy.
  • Using IN2 MCT Oilimproves the gut flora to help you digest and assimilate food better and to feel fuller for longer. 

About the Brand and Product 

IN2 nutrition is dedicated to providing you with the best nutritional supplements at the most reasonable prices. High-end research and development ensures that every requirement of the customer is anticipated to support any type of training that you are undergoing. Their products undergo the most stringent quality tests to give you a range of safe and reliable nutritional supplements that cater to specific fitness goals and dietary requirements.

IN2 MCT Oil contains plant-based medium-chain triglycerides that are ideal for a ketogenic diet. These MCTs derived from coconut are fast-acting and help you get rapid results. With IN2 MCT Oil, your athletic performance is pushed to the next level as you feel more energized to push through every training session. Made from capric and caprylic acid, this supplement gives you the most well-known source of MCT for maximum benefits.

How it Works and Benefits

Medium-chain triglycerides are healthy fats that are often used for specific fitness goals such as faster fat loss and increased athletic performance. One of the most important qualities of MCTs is that they are easily digested by the body to release energy fast. They are also the most well-known fat burning supplements that give you several benefits as mentioned below:

  • Faster weight loss: MCT is one of the best fat loss supplements as it enhances the body’s natural ability to burn and utilize fat. With a supplement like IN2, the use of capric and caprylic acid from coconut is additionally beneficial in helping you lose weight. They initiate the production of two hormones, peptide YY, and leptin that keep you feeling fuller for longer. This allows you to follow a low-calorie diet plan easily in order to lose weight faster.
  • Gives you more energy: Besides being one of the best fat burning supplements, MCT is also a super-fuel for your body. Medium Chain Triglycerides are absorbed by the body rapidly and are converted into ketones faster. This gives you high levels of energy that allow you to endure longer hours of training and push yourself more. Better fat metabolism is another reason why MCTs are useful in producing energy. Fat is converted into energy effectively to keep you going.
  • Reduces the onset of muscle fatigue: In addition to MCT oil weight loss benefits, you will also notice that muscle fatigue is considerably delayed. An important property of MCT is that they are powerful antioxidants that prevent free radical damage to your muscles and tissues. They also reduce the chance of lactate build up in muscles which is responsible for extreme muscle fatigue when you are training. Reduced lactic acid also means less muscle damage and faster recovery post-workout.
  • Help improve immunity: These are the best fat loss supplements as their antioxidant properties improve your immunity. MCTs are also known for being potent antifungal and antibacterial agents that prevent common infections effectively.



This product contains MCT oil that is derived from coconut oil. Every serving of 15ml gives you 14g of MCT. This includes 8.4g of caprylic acid and 5.6g of capric acid which is the top fat burner. These fatty acids help you lose weight faster as the also keep you feeling fuller for longer. IN2 MCT is ideal for a ketogenic diet because of its rapid action and quick conversion into ketones. You get 100% pure MCT with this supplement which is easy for you to use.


Recommended Usage

Consume 1 tablespoon of MCT oil each day. Begin with ½ tablespoon and then work your way up to 1 tablespoon. If you have any digestive issues when you increase the consumption reduce it till you are able to consume it without any discomfort. , You can mix this oil in smoothies, breakfast cereal and even as a salad dressing. This oil is not recommended for frying as it loses all its nutritional properties.


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