Wild Yam – all you need to know

Wild Yam – all you need to know

A medicinal plant and a raw material that allegedly helped drive away from the hunger of a thousand soldiers in the mountains is Wild Yam. This plant, originating in Central and South America, is an increasingly common part of various natural preparations designed to solve male and female problems. Wild Yam – all you need to know about in this article.

The general discussion on the Internet and several reviews show that Wild Yam is enjoying increasing popularity in our country as well. Sales of various products with its content are growing, especially in terms of dried extracts and nutritional supplements in the form of tablets.

The plant uses its root, which is processed either into a raw product or as a final preparation. In women, it mainly helps with menstruation and menopause problems, but in general, it has much broader effects.

Wild Yam: description, use, origin, and occurrence where it grows

Wild Yam grows most often in Central and South America. It also occurs in Asia. In ancient times, the Aztecs and Mayans recognized it as a medicinal plant, especially for women, where it caused problems that were associated with the hormonal system. According to many sources, the country of origin is Ecuador, but today the plant is grown in several places on the planet.

  • Wild Yam is a green plant belonging to the family of several similar species called Smldince
  • The plant has typical green, heart-shaped leaves and grows mainly in the tropics
  • Wild Yam has been known since the 18th century as a plant that influences menstruation and childbirth

In the past, Wild Yam was used mainly to relieve pain. But today its effects are better known, and therefore it can be used much more. SO, it’s very interesting that it is increasingly used in the kitchen as part of meals, but it is necessary to heat-treat how much of the toxic substance Dioscorin is in the plant.

In terms of use, the following influences are best known in traditional folk medicine:

  • both women and men herb affects hormone levels. Which brings specific effects such as the libido or physical assembly or use Fildena 100 or vigora 100
  • the plant is due to substances also spasmolytic effects or helps to several kinds of muscle spasms and acute colic
  • also helps to improve the functioning of the liver as well as influences and effects on blood cholesterol levels and blood pressure

Wild Yam is generally known as a stimulant and improves the feeling of vitality and energy in the body. It is used in preparations for men designed to improve potency and libido. For women to improve the negative symptoms associated with menstruation and menopause. The plant has these effects mainly due to phytoestrogens.

Substances and composition of the plant Wild Yam

As for the substances contained in Wild Yam, the composition is quite varied. Here you will find phytoestrogens with effects similar to female estrogens, saponins with anti-inflammatory action. And you may find out that amino acids supporting better blood circulation. Due to the point that the plant includes a relatively diverse range of these substances, it also has a wider field of effects.

In terms of content, here are the most important groups of substances:


Wild Yam contains phytoestrogens, which are plant estrogens with effects very similar to human estrogens. The plant can help with various problems of women associated with the hormonal system, but they also affect men.


Behind this acronym lies dehydroepiandrosterone, which is considered to be the father of all hormones. The body can make a hormone out of it, and thanks to the fact that it also contains Wild Yam, the plant has positive effects against aging and on increasing the body’s resistance.

Steroid saponins: 

This group of substances is known primarily for its anti-inflammatory effects. which is useful in rheumatism and the digestive system’s inflammatory diseases. They also help with inflammation of the urinary system. Of the saponins, Wild Yam contains mainly Dioscin and Diosgenin.


Plant sterols are found not only in Wild Yam but also in fruits and vegetables. These substances lower the level of cholesterol in the blood, primarily by preventing its absorption from food into the body. Wild Yam contains mainly beta-sisterol.

Amino acids: 

Amino acids make great sense, especially for better blood flow to blood vessels and improved blood circulation. Wild Yam contains Tyrosine, Arginine, Glutamine, and Leucine, the former being used in preparations for women and the latter for men.

Other substances: 

Other substances found in the plant are, for example, the alkaloid Dioscorin, tannins, tannins, or mucins. In addition, the plant is rich in minerals, especially calcium, chromium, copper, and iron. There is also vitamin C.

Wild Yam and its effects

As I mentioned in the introduction, the plant is mostly used for women’s problems associated with the hormonal system. However, these are far from the only effects that Wild Yam has. For example, it also affects the urinary system, blood circulation, and even acne and the nervous system.

Here are all the most critical areas where the plant has positive effects:

Improving the course of menopause and menstruation

One of the most significant effects is the effect on hormonal levels, which in women’s case, has an effect on menstruation and menopause. Wild Yam helps alleviate the negative symptoms of menopause but also alleviates the cramps associated with menstruation. It supports the proper function of the uterine muscles.

Breast firming support

The second typical female area where Wild Yam is used more and more is breast augmentation and firming. This is because the plant holds phytoestrogens, which can stimulate breast cells’ division, resulting in breast firming and an increase in breast volume.

Influence on the genital and excretory system

Thanks to its hormonal action, Wild Yam also has effects on the reproductive system. Especially on increasing libido and love appetite. Wild Yam also helps with inflammatory diseases associated with the urinary system, the pain associated with it, and also to improve kidney function. It usually has a calming effect on the urinary tract.

Influence on immunity and vitality

Smldinec hairy is known in traditional medicine as a product to improve immunity. For example, increases white blood cells’ activity. It also works to increase the feeling of energy and improve blood flow to the body and the nervous system.

Anti-inflammatory effects and painkillers

Thanks to the content of saponins, Wild Yam also has effects against various types of inflammation. The most common are inflammations associated with the musculoskeletal system, such as rheumatoid arthritis, but it can also be inflammation associated with the digestive system. The plant has also been used for general pain relief.

Other effects    

Wild Yam is used to improving the condition of the skin, to support muscle growth. In people with diabetes to optimize blood glucose levels, and also has an effect on lowering cholesterol to get Fildena 150. It strengthens the function of the lungs; it is used to soothe a cough. The plant also has a positive impact on the spleen and digestion, such as stomach upset.